High Precision Machining Parts

High Precision Machining Parts

High Precision Machining Parts

Vartis Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known High Precision Machining Parts manufacturer in Rajkot. We provide precision machining services for the local and export markets. We offer precision machining services using mainly CNC Lathes, Vertical, and Horizontal Machining Centers.


We are an ISO 9001-2008 avowed association. Set up in the year 2000. We have in house machining office and we are creating and supply metal machined fragments and social events as per our client’s need. We are obliging Vartis building partitions, for instance, Vehicle, Agriculture, Aerospace, Defense, Marine, and other General structure parts.

The Vartis Engineering – is an advancing assistant for having things and depiction for few well-picked Indian gathering units. We have better than average learning + experience for quality systems and directed collecting redistributing from Local Rajkot-Gujarat based makers in India.

High precision machining typically refers to machining parts with tolerances in the single-digit micron range, while ultraprecision involves tolerances in the sub-micron range. Machining parts with very tight tolerances are always a challenge, however, the complexity of a job is determined not only by required tolerances but also by the materials used and the number of features on the part.

To ensure the highest quality of the finished products, the use of computer programs is critical. A CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) programs provide detailed blueprints about each step of the precision machining process. Programs like ProE and UG create extremely detailed three-dimensional blueprints. Precision machining can be used on many materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, and some special alloys.

The High Precision Machining Parts development process is carried out with the following Steps,

  • Customer Requirement
    • Study Requirement of Customer Parts application & Usage Criteria & Specifications
  • Drawing & Plan
    • Make Engineering Drawing in CAD Plan to make a prototype.
  • Commercial Approval
    • After sample approval get commercial approvel and finalize financial terms.
  • Sample Approval
    • Make sample and Send to Customer for Prior Approval with all reports. And get feedback from Customer
  • Manufacturing Of Parts
    • Plan and start manufacturing of parts as per customer schedule and delivery planning.
  • Final Inspection & Dispatch
    • After completing inspection and packing (As per customer requirement) and after dispatch material to the customer.

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