CNC Machine Components

CNC Machine Components

CNC Machine Components

Vartis Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known CNC Machine Components provider in Rajkot. We provide precision machining service for local and export market. We offer precision machining services using mainly CNC Lathes, Vertical, and Horizontal Machining Centers.


We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. Established in the year 2000. We have in house machining facility and we are manufacturing & supply metal machined components & assemblies as per our client’s requirement. We are catering to Vartis engineering segments, i.e. Automobile, Agriculture, Aerospace, Defense, Marine, and other General engineering parts.

Characteristics of Common CNC Machining Operations


Machining Operation



  • Employs rotating multi-point drill bits
  • Drill bit fed perpendicular or angularly to the workpiece
  • Produces cylindrical holes in the workpiece


  • Employs rotating multipoint cutting tools
  • Workpiece fed in the same direction as cutting tool rotation
  • Removes material from the workpiece
  • Produces a broader range of shapes


  • Employs single-point cutting tools
  • Rotates workpiece
  • Cutting tool fed along the surface of the workpiece
  • Removes material from the workpiece
  • Produces round or cylindrical parts


As shown above, there is a wide scope of machining tasks accessible. Contingent upon the machining activity being played out, the CNC machining procedure utilizes an assortment of programming applications, machines, and machine apparatuses to create the ideal shape or plan.


The CNC Machine Components development process is carried out with the following Steps,

  • Customer Requirement
    • Study Requirement of Customer Parts application & Usage Criteria & Specifications
  • Drawing & Plan
    • Make Engineering Drawing in CAD Plan to make a prototype.
  • Commercial Approval
    • After sample approval get commercial approvel and finalize financial terms.
  • Sample Approval
    • Make sample and Send to Customer for Prior Approval with all reports. And get feedback from Customer
  • Manufacturing Of Parts
    • Plan and start manufacturing of parts as per customer schedule and delivery planning.
  • Final Inspection & Dispatch
    • After completing inspection and packing (As per customer requirement) and after dispatch material to the customer.

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